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ZOLL Autopulse

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ZOLL Autopulse CPR Machine

Item Code8700-0700-01


High-quality CPR without interruption. Designed for patient movement and transport. With the AutoPulse, patients receive high- quality compressions even during transport down steep stairs and through tight spaces.

Getting adequate blood flow to the brain and heart - FAST- are important goals of CPR. Unfortunately manual CPR suffers from significant limitations. The AUTOPULSEā„¢ non-invasive cardiac support pump, automatically pumps the patient's chest in order to circulate blood to the heart and brain.

Features & Benefits
  • Circulates blood in the patient during cardiac arrest
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Rapid, convenient deployment
  • Automatically adjusts to each patient
  • Consistent depth and rate of compressions
  • Standardized duty cycle of 50%
  • Reduces interruptions during code and transport maintains compressions throughout the code and transport
  • Frees personnel to attend to other tasks
  • Reduces rescuer fatigue
Autopulse system consists of:-
  • The transportable platform containing a microprocessor-based control system, an electromechanical drive system and a user interface panel
  • The single-patient-use LIFEBAND chest compression assembly that applies the pre-programmed compression to the patient's chest.
  • The rechargeable battery pack and state-of-the-art battery charger.
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