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A National Sales & Servicing Footprint

Our Stat-Tiakeni Medical headoffice is situated in the heart of Johannesburg with national sales and servicing branches in Cape Town, Durban and Free State, so we are well-positioned to supply and service the medical industry across South Africa. We look forward to you hearing from you!

Stat Tiakeni offices Johannesburg

HEAD OFFICE (Johannesburg)

 +27 (0)11 708 6363
 +27 11 708 6364
 Suite 247, Private Bag X7, Northriding, 2162
 227 Main Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg

Sales & Service Quick Contacts

Durban Sales & Service
Nontokozo Nzimande
 083 601 3742

Cape Town Sales & Service
Joseph Soga
 083 600 7521

Clinical Product Specialist EMS
Stanley Trott
 083 601 6298

Clinical Product Specialist Flexicare
Cathy Crawford-Nutt
 083 391 1155

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