Intraosseous Access System
Intraosseous Access System
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Intraosseous System


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SAM IO is a light weight, manually operated intraosseous access system.

SAM IO’s innovative design incorporates the patented multi-use manually operated driver, which does not rely on battery power for operation. The ergonomic driver design supports quick and intuitive application, while offering a tactile feel for needle placement.

  • The SAM IO Driver is made of polycarbonate material
  • Certified under MILSTD 810G testing for durability and harsh environment use.
  • The driver has been tested for over 10,000 actuations.
  • The SAM IO Intraosseous Access System includes: A driver, 3 needle sizes - 15mm, 25mm, 45 mm, SAM Stabilizer and SAM Adaptor.
  • Needlevise Block is oncluded in every Needle Set. Single-use sharps containment device for the stylet.
  • Stabiliser - Cylinder design intended to protect the catheter from dislodgement.
  • Extension Tubing - Connects to the catheter for flexible infusion.
  • Needle Adapter - Attaches to the SAM IO Driver to accommodate alternative IO needles.
  • Various training kits available. Every kit includes a nylon Training Case, Driver, three Needle Sets, Stabilizer, and Adaptor. Simulation Sawbones, including the proximal humerus, proximal tibia, and distal tibia, are also available in the SAM IO Training Kits.
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