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Technical & Servicing

There when you need us 24 hours/365 days a year

Since the technical service department’s birth in 2002, we have been able to establish a solid reputation for excellent service among our customers.

The expertise of our Engineers, together with our commitment to establishing long term partnerships, ensure that all our customers benefit from efficient and reliable service, and enjoy peace of mind.


Service Support Contracts

Our “flexible solutions” policy aims to meet all our customer’s individual needs – allow us to tailor-make a service plan to meet your needs – anything from a basic Preventative Maintenance Plan to an all-inclusive Comprehensive Maintenance Plan.

Quality Assured

As official agents for the equipment that we market, we have the full support and back-up of the manufacturers, resulting in factory training for our personnel and quick access to original spares. We also own and maintain a fleet of quality test and diagnostic equipment to ensure accuracy of all technical work carried out. All of this results in confidence that all equipment seen by our team is left safe for patient use.

Continuous Training & Development

The team works closely with equipment manufacturers, and over the past few years, the engineers have undergone advanced technical training and are accredited by all the manufacturers that we represent. This is an ongoing commitment to ensure that we are always kept up-to-date with the latest information and protocols.

StatTrac Database Information System

All products supplied by STAT are entered into our detailed Customer Database Information System (StatTrac) which accurately monitors the technical history of each product including servicing and repairs. This is also used to generate all certificates of compliance digitally – emailed straight to our customers’ mailbox.