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Flexicare ETC02 Monitoring Dual Mask

Flexicare Dual Mask

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Flexicare South Africa Distributor

Dual Mask provides continual monitoring of carbon dioxide exhaled from both mouth and nose whilst delivering supplementary oxygen. Pre-fitted oxygen and sampling lines makes set-up quick and easy.

  • Easy Fit with Good Seal The soft, pliable mask moulds easily to the patient’s face, with a feathered-edge rim provides maximum comfort.
  • Microstreamâ„¢ Compatibility Dual products with a microstream type luer connector filter are compatible with capnography monitors and multiparameter monitors equipped with Microstream technology.
  • Independently Tested Dual Mask has been proven to be the most efficient in sampling end tidal CO2 in an independent comparative study8 in a simulated patient.
  • Comfort and Security Attached to the swivel connector, the oxygen tubing and monitoring line are lightly bonded together, but can be separated to reach the flow meter and capnometer, minimising clutter around the patient.
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