Stethoscope Cardiophone


Model 2.0, black stainless steel
Epecially developed for cardiology.

  • Innovative acoustic system with extraordinary auscultation for all frequency ranges
  • High-precision double chest-piece made of stainless steel.
  • Bilateral special membrane for precise acoustics, Ø 44 mm and 32 mm, with novel non-chill rims for improved adaptation on the skin.
  • Anatomically shaped binaural with internal multiple spring for adjusting the contact pressure.
  • Extra-soft, replaceable and pivotable ear-tips for perfect sealing at the ear canal and enhanced wear comfort.
  • Y-tube with separate sound-conducting pathways for the left and right ear with particularly good audio-transmission.
  • Total length: 71 cm
  • Weight: 204 g
  • Latex-free

Stethoscope Duplex®


The Duplex®-family from Riester. The Duplex®-stethoscopes from Riester impress through first-class quality at an attractive price. They offer practical solutions for the daily challenges encountered in office practices and hospitals. Considerably improved acoustic performance.

  • Precision double chest-piece for perfect auscultation, with Riester special membranes and bells.
  • Matt chromium-plated binaural, which can be adjusted by turning. With external spring.
  • Soft, replaceable ear-tips with metal screw thread for comfortable and effective sealing of the external auditory canal.
  • Strong Y-tube made of PVC to shield against undesired stray sounds.
  • Latex-free.4210-01 – Stethoscope duplex® 2.0 black, stainless steel

Models: 4210-02 – Stethoscope duplex® 2.0 white, stainless steel
4210-03 – Stethoscope duplex® 2.0 blue, stainless steel
4210-04 – Stethoscope duplex® 2.0 red, stainless steel
4210-05 – Stethoscope duplex® 2.0 green, stainless steel
4220-02 – Stethoscope duplex® 2.0 baby, white, stainless steel
4220-04 – Stethoscope duplex® 2.0 baby, red, stainless steel
4220-05 – Stethoscope duplex® 2.0 baby, green, stainless steel
4230-02 – Stethoscope duplex® 2.0 neonatal, white stainless steel
4230-04 – Stethoscope duplex® 2.0 neonatal, red stainless steel
4230-05 – Stethoscope duplex® 2.0 neonatal, green stainless steel