3725-203 – Ri-scop® L ophthalmoscope L2 LED 2,5V, C handle for 2 alcaline batteries type C or ri-accup®

3703 – Ri-scop® L F.O. otoscope L2 LED 2.5 V, C-handle for 2 alcaline batteries type C or ri-accu®

R3746-203-001 – Portable ENT set LED with otoscope and ophthalmoscope for use with cr123a batteries

3817-203 – Ri-scopp&re; L F.O. Oto- L3/Ophtalmo. L2, LED 3,5V, C handle for ri-aup® Lcc

10708 – Plug-in charger WITH Li-Ion rech. battery 3.5V ri-accp&re; L for battery handle type C, with EU-plug

3817-203.008 – Ri-scopp&re; L Advanced desk set – F.O. Oto-/Ophtal. L3, LED 3,5V, C handle with ri-chargerp®L (British 3-pin plug) and ri-accup®L