About Our Company

STAT Medical has been marketing, distributing and servicing best-of-class medical equipment to the Hospital, Trauma, Primary Healthcare and Homecare markets since 1999.

The merger of STAT Medical (Pty) Ltd, and Tiakeni Medical c.c in November 2007, resulted in our new company, STAT-TIAKENI Medical (Pty) Ltd. This exciting development brought together two of the most experienced sales forces in South Africa and ensures continued growth and development in our market.

STAT Medical

STAT Medical (Pty) Ltd was formed in 1999, and quickly became a force to be reckoned with, securing ‘Best-in Class’ agencies to represent in Southern Africa and winning numerous tenders. STAT was named International Distributor of the Year by various Suppliers, several times over the years.

Tiakeni Medical

Tiakeni Medical c.c. was formed in June 2002 focusing on Technical Support and Service. In June 2004, Tiakeni was appointed Sole and Exclusive Technical Service Provider to STAT Medical, and in March 2005 an agreement was signed appointing Tiakeni as a Sales Sub-Distributor to STAT in specific areas.

The close ties between the two companies continued to develop, and discussions to take the next logical step began in 2006. After numerous meetings between the key players, agreement was reached on the sale of the two companies to STAT-Tiakeni Medical (Pty) Ltd, and the new Board of Directors was announced.

BEE Status

STAT-TIAKENI (Pty) Ltd is a fully compliant BB-BEE company which employs over 30 staff throughout South Africa.

STAT-Tiakeni continues to strive towards meeting all customer needs, and delivering not only good service, but Service Excellence to our customers in the Hospital, Trauma and Primary Healthcare markets.

Our Mission

The STAT Medical team is dedicated to:

 Delivering service excellence in the medical equipment field
Creating a congenial working environment for all employees whilst providing excellent returns for all stake holders.
 Nurturing an environment in which all employees are well trained, motivated and take pride in working for the company.



Board of directors

Simon McDonnell

Chief Executive Officer simon@statmedical.co.za

Gert Leonard

Operations Director gert@statmedical.co.za

Paul Fourie

Technical Director paul@statmedical.co.za

Bruce Poynton

Managing Director bruce@statmedical.co.za


The Directors hold management portfolios, as outlined above, ensuring that they are actively involved in the daily operations of the company.
In addition, the following management positions are held:

Dagan Warns

Product Manager - Riester Life Healthcare Group Manager

Leon Swanepoel

General Manager

Wiseman Ngcebesha

Warehouse Manager wiseman@statmedical.co.za


The entire STAT-Tiakeni shareholding is collectively held by the directors and staff with no outside investors

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