Stat-Tiakeni Response Vehicle

Stat-Tiakeni Medical (STAT) prides itself on it’s customer service and the family-style culture within the organization.

Setting us us apart from our competitors, is our ability to provide hands-on medical assistance through our Advanced Life Support Response Vehicle.

Our relationship with Public and Private Emergency Management Services has enabled us to provide this free community service to Johannesburg and surrounding areas since 2013.

The STAT Response Vehicle is manned and operated by Sean Groome, a highly experienced and respected Advanced Life Support paramedic, who qualified in 1997, and who has fulfilled Management roles in both Public and Private EMS sectors. Sean is actively involved in lecturing on Advanced Cardiac Life Support courses, and has a passion for teaching Injury Prevention in adults and children. In 2010, Sean was instrumental in assisting Ellis Park with their accreditation for the FIFA World Cup, putting together the Medical and Risk Analysis.

The STAT RV is also utilized as a teaching platform, with Sean taking students from the Emergency Colleges and Academies out on the road to gain valuable experience under the supervision of an ALS Paramedic. City of Johannesburg EMS (CoJEMS) responds to an average of 120-140 emergency calls a month, with the majority of these calls servicing areas that are not able to access the private services. This accounts for in excess of 90% of the call volumes servicing under-privileged individuals from the disadvantaged areas. The STAT RV is a valuable additional resource in this undertaking.

The vehicle operates within the guidelines of the HPCSA (Health Professional Council of South Africa) and all clinical guidance is through the City of Johannesburg’s College of Emergency Care.

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