The revolutionary Baby Pod range provides the security and warmth that a newborn needs, at a fraction of the cost of a standard transport incubator, in a package that is light, easy to handle, and can attach to any transport stretcher currently available. 

  • The external shell of the pod is manufactured from carbon-fibre with no metal components, allowing the infant to have an MRI, CT scan, or x-ray while remaining safely in the pod
  • The infant is comfortably secured in position by a vacuum mattress and soft infant positioning straps. Can be secured to any stretcher or trolley with its versatile strapping system.
  • The interior is a fully removeable set of shock absorbent foam sections.
  • A transparent lid allowing excellent visibility of the infant.
  • The transwarmr infant transport mattress, no electrically powered source of warmth is required.
  • Heated by a single-use exothermic reaction within a non-toxic gel, the transwarmr infant transport mattress will keep an infant warm during transport for 60 seconds after activation,
  • The transwarmr mattress will reach a consistent temperature across its surface of 38*c, and maintain temperature for up to 2 hours.
  • Infant weight limit = 2-8kg
  • Dimensions = 1000mm x 430mm x 300mm (l x w x h)
  • Weight = 9.5 kg