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Technical & Servicing

There when you need us 24 hours/365 days a year
State-of-the-art testing and diagnostic equipment, combined with the skills and experience of Paul Fourie, Errol Subjee and their team of Technical Service Engineers ensure that this department has earned a reputation for excellence.

The expertise of our Engineers, who are driven to excellence, with our commitment to establishing long term partnerships, ensure that all our customers benefit from efficient and reliable service and enjoy peace of mind.

Service and Support Contracts
Our flexible solutions policy aims to meet all our customer’s individual needs - you can choose from a range of Service and Support Contracts from the basic Preventative Maintenance Plan to the all inclusive Comprehensive Plan.

Continuous Training & Development
As official agents for the equipment that we market, we have the full support and back up of the manufacturers, resulting in factory training for our personnel and quick access to original spares.

The team works closely with equipment manufacturers and over the past few years the Engineers have undergone advanced technical training and are accredited by:-

  • ZOLL
  • Intubrite
  • Clements
  • Pneupac

Customer Database Information Sysytem
All products supplied STAT are entered into our detailed Customer Database Information System (StatTrac) which accurately monitors the technical history of each product including servicing and repairs.


Our range of Zoll defibs and AED devices for hospital and EMS use

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Our EMS range of products includes transport ventilation, patient transport and defibs

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Riester ENT pent torches, pocket scopes, hand scopes, wall mounted scopes for ENT

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Zoll Defibs, AED's and Autopulse, EZIO intraosseous sets, laryngoscopes

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Patient Monitoring

Monitoring devices, accessories, sphygmanometers & stethoscopes

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Full range of ventilation products for hospital and transport use

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Infant Nasal Cpap, humidifiers, CTG, scales, ventilation for Neonatal application

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Field anaesthesia examination lights, suction units, theatre tables

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