Disposable Laryngoscopes
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Disposable Laryngoscopes

Flexicare BritePro Solo

Flexicare Laryngoscopes

The only complete laryngoscope solution that combines disposable handle, lightsource and blade in a single sterile pack to help eliminate cross-contamination and eradicate reprocessing costs and performance issues associated with re-sterilisation of reusable laryngoscope handles and blades.

BritePro Solo consists of a sterile ergonomic handle with pre-fitted batteries, bright LED light, and fibre optic all-metal blade. Simply open when needed use and dispose.

  • Performance Unique textured grip delivers excellent control and feel, while the high intensity white light provides excellent visualisation.
  • Reduced Handling Before and After Use Take straight from the pack, use and safely dispose without removing the batteries, reducing risk of cross-contamination between patients and staff.
  • Interchangeable Blades Quick and easy exchange of blade type and size without having to open another Solo pack.
  • Reduced Profile Reduction in the shoulder and block height lowers the risk of dental trauma and provides additional space to manoeuver the blade to obtain the best view. Typical overall height reduction of 71% in curved blades and up to 25% in straight blades.
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