Patient Immobilisation
Patient Immobilisation
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Spine Board

RedleafSpine Board for patient immobilation and transport

Plastic Spine Board

Item CodeYDC-7A1/YDC-7A4

Red Leaf Medical

Rugged plastic spine board suitable for immobilising and transferring patients with head, hip, pelvis and spine injuries. Two sizes are available: adult and child

  • The stretcher uses PE material with no discharge contamination
  • Firm and rugged
  • Can be floated on water
  • X-ray and MRI compatible
  • Fitted with three safety belts
  • It can use together with spider straps.
  • Can be used with head immobilizers / blocks
  • Holes around the stretcher for convenient transportation.
  • Max weight capacity: YDC-7A1(Adult): 160kg | YDC-7A4(Child): 91kg
  • Weight: YDC-7A1(Adult): 7.6kg | YDC-7A4(Child): 4.5kg
  • Width:YDC-7A1(Adult): 184x45x6cm | YDC-7A4(Child): 136 x 35 x 5cm